Farewell at Bondeni

Our team finished its work in Mathare Valley on Tuesday with additional home visits. Some teams were pleased to report additional decisions from parents in the community to follow after Christ. Much rejoicing followed this announcement.

After the home visits, the team participated in a foot washing ceremony. Each member of the Bondeni staff proceeded to take a seat and have their feet washed by one member of our team. After their feet were washed, we presented them with a pair of new shoes from the “Step In” initiative last fall. Many of the workers must walk extensively in their jobs. For this reason, they were overjoyed that we had provided gifts of shoes that released some of the stress on their feet. God orchestrated this process and we all were encouraged by this act of service.

Our time at Bondeni concluded with a beautiful farewell service. Memory verses, songs, dances, speeches and gifts were presented. A cake ceremony provided us with the opportunity to give a little piece of cake to the students. Many hugs and encouraging words were exchanged as our TPCC reluctantly left the place that has become so dear to us.

After leaving Bondeni, we left to eat dinner with a new missionary couple from Westside Christian Church (in Springfield Illinois). Tim and Alicia Stewart were wonderful hosts. Team leader Vince teased that we were going to eat Somolian foods, but our hosts filled our bellies with pizza, potato chips, sodas, and ice cream. Our group’s silence while eating was only occasionally interrupted by “mmmmm” or “ahhhh” or other similar approval of our menu. They also let us use their computer to call loved ones. Tim and Alicia visited Bondeni and fell in love with Africa. Tim will work with supporting the pastors and Alicia will assist in the child sponsorship department.

Our team leaves this morning for safari. We are humbled by the ways that we have been able to serve. We are unworthy of the praise and credit for this trip which solely belongs to God.

Bwana Asifiwe (praise the lord).

One response to “Farewell at Bondeni

  • Jim Baker

    It is good to hear that you blessed the Staff, as most of our attentions are on the Children, yet the Staff labors daily in this field. Thank you for reaching out to those that labor.

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