Wednesday, July 11, 2012- Day 6 Nicaraguan Sports Team

Today was a great, great day- but sad. It was the last day for us to be with the new friends that we have met. The day started with a great devotional given by Rob McEwan from Matthew 6. It was a great starting point for the day we were going to experience.

For the third straight day we started off at a local park playing baseball with kids and other members of the church. It was, again, a great time of laughter and competition. While we were playing a group of kids from a local public school walked over to see what was going on and we were able to minister to them. David did a great job talking and getting to know the kids. During the week I have been extremely impressed by David’s ability to connect with each and every kid. He can relate so well and every kid he comes into contact with seems to open to him so easily. It was no different with these students. By the end of our time together a group of boys was doing a dance together that they rehearsed and performed for their school. We passed out large balloons to many kids and headed back to the church to visit homes for prayer and food distribution. What an experience…

We divided into three groups and each headed out with 7-12 bags of food to walk the area of Ciudad Sandino that the church serves. My particular group carried 7 bags and headed down a hill to serve people who were somehow connected to the church. There a so many stories from each team member that it is nearly impossible to come close to providing a clear picture of what it was like. We provided food for and prayed with people with many different stories, all of which touched our hearts. So, please ask a team member when you see them about their experience. You will not regret taking the time hear what we all experienced.

Our friends at the church also provided us with a fantastic send off that included prayer, a drama, and a traditional pinata break. There were many hugs and tears- a sad end but an end to a full week.

We ended the day watching our friends play basketball. It was a great experience that brought smiles from the members of the team…well worth the time and our friends won the game.

Tomorrow we have a fun day and prepare to head out on Friday morning….what a great week and I hope that you all enjoy catching up with loved ones upon their return.

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