August 24, 2012

We have arrived at the end of our time here in Nicaragua. Tomorrow we leave for home. In the  past two days we have been able to complete the project there at Pastor Wilber’s home and finish the electrical work at the church. During our time on the projects we were able to experience some quality time with Wilber and two of his church leaders.  We need to report that there was one casualty. While Andy was attempting to install an outside light at the church he had the wooden ladder he was stand on break in half and he fell on his back breaking his left wrist. We thank God that the injuries weren’t worse. Surgery is planned for Monday when he returns home so he has been relaxing today and recovering from the fall.

We also were able to deliver 25 bags of food to houses within the church community. At each house we spent time visiting with the family and upon leaving had a time of prayer and encouragement.

This evening the ladies are having their final seminar with the women of the church there in Cuidad Sandino. The report from last night was very encouraging as they had over 50 ladies in attendance.

We want to thank everyone for their prayers on our behalf and we are greatful for the opportunity to serve.

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