Blessed Ladies Meet with TPCC Team

Two members of the team were able to meet with a Micro-finance accountability group, through Business Development Services (BDS).   The group of 10 successful small business owners  meet weekly for a bible devotion, pay back loans, hold each other accountable, and encourage each other as small business owners.   The Blessed Ladies formed their Micro Finance group just over a year ago.

We then took a walk to visit one of their businesses, which was a store front that sold cooking fuel, small food items and provided banking services for the community that includes depositing cash and transactions via a customers cell phone (yes we were still in the slum area).

We then visited another small business that was part of the BDS micro finance program, that sold luggage, back packs and small book bags.  We then stopped of at an old warehouse that was converted into to a bread making factory.  The business was owned by 15 partners, that received a loan for One Million Kenyan Shillings a little over a year ago and have already paid back the full amount (with interest).  The bakery sells fried bread to other smaller stores, as well as supplying their own bakeries.  The best part of this operation is, they created good paying jobs for 40 to 60 residents of the slum.

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