Medicating ourselves…

We have just completed our first full day of medical clinic at TPCC Bondeni.  After reviewing logistics with the Bondeni Staff, a mandatory time for chai (mixed spice tea), and a time for prayer as a combined USA-Kenya team, we were off…

The patients rolled in and were seen by our RNs and MDs with an efficiency that would make most US medical offices jealous.  We treated and prayed for 167 medical and 17 dental patients on our first day!!!  We pulled 11 teeth, treated 2 cases of malaria, pulled a mosquito out of an ear (it was in amber wax just like Jurassic Park), expressed an abscess, cleansed countless wounds, and treated with curative intent: worms, otitis media, pharyngitis, pneumonia, bronchitis, ringworm, and urinary track infections.  We saw one patient with polydactaly (a 12 year old self-conscious girl with 6 fingers on both hands) who we are setting up for surgery here on Thursday am (we are consulting with a hand surgeon from Ft. Wayne IN on the case sharing photos, x-rays, and expert advice).  We are blessed to have a surgeon on the trip this year with us who is willing to do the procedure…incredible!  You wouldn’t believe how happy this girl was to hear the news!!!

Our physical therapist did home visits today which included visiting a shanty (photo above) where a boy with Cerebral Palsy lived who is essentially bedridden without assist.  Our therapist worked with this boy, cleaned him, and prayed with him and his grandmother.  Nobody…NOBODY…has come from America, got down on their knees on his dirt floor, wiped the drool from his mouth, changed his soiled clothes, and given him therapy before.  The smile on his face and gratefulness of his grandmother drove our PT team to tears…do you think this boy understands the love of Christ better now?

As you read this try to imagine…if you were here with us…what would a day like this do to your soul?

What do you think our team members feel like tonight?  How do you think the conversations on our bus-ride home went?  Do you think tears of joy were shed at our prayer meeting tonight?  Do you think we feel compelled to go back tomorrow…next year?

Let me sum it up (in case you are curious)…we feel like we were the ones being treated today.

One response to “Medicating ourselves…

  • Lauren Koontz

    Tears in my eyes reading this! What an incredible gift you all have been given! Once you’ve experienced it, Mathare never leaves your heart…that I know for sure. Praying for you all and looking forward to the coming blogs and photos!

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