The Day the Lights Went Out in Bondeni

This day began with the team gathering for breakfast at Grace House. With the first day of medical clinic and business development behind us, we had something to reflect on. There are six team members who have been here before and it was such a blessing to hear the thoughts of those who are here for the first time and are witnessing the power of God working through His hands and feet to achieve His extraordinary purpose in a seemingly desolate part of the world. We are all His children and there is no greater evidence of how important His children are to Him than what we witnessed at Bondeni yesterday.

After dropping off the business development team members at Pengani, the rest of us traveled on to Bondeni. During our morning chi, the power failed and we lost all electrical lighting. We were faced with the prospect of providing medical care in the darkness! We didn’t skip a beat as we found candles, lit them and began our day. The conditions treated varied just as they did on the first day. Instead of removing a mosquito from an ear, the same doctor had the opportunity to remove a rock from an ear. The room where the dentists were treating kids and pulling teeth was like an oven and three sweat drenched servants continued pulling teeth and relieving pain. Added inspiration came from the children whose teeth were pulled yesterday and whose smiles of relief were so apparent. The PT team was able to help numerous people and was especially rewarded by the opportunity to help a little boy who is disabled from being dropped at birth. The support crew were amazing at keeping the flow manageable and making everyone feel cared for. Of course, the most important room in the medical clinic is the one that is in no way medical. It is the prayer room, where each patient goes while waiting for prescriptions to be filled. Our prayer warriors were continuously busy, praying for over 250 people who came through the clinic today. So it’s safe to say that on the day the lights went out in Bondeni, the light of God’s love has never shown brighter.

The business development team also had a rewarding day meeting with several local business owners, empowering them with knowledge of understanding different personality types. There was even an opportunity to use apologetics to illustrate sound business principles. Wouldn’t it be awesome if all business owners here and abroad (especially back home in the USA) had that kind of foundation on which to build?

An enormously successful day ended at the home of Keith and Kathy, missionaries from CMF. On the way to their house, we were able to see some of the nicer parts of Nairobi. Traveling down embassy road, we even got to see the US Embassy! Dinner was delightful and Keith and Kathy were such gracious hosts to nineteen people who had spent the day up to their proverbial elbows in the filth that is so prevalent in the Bondeni slum.

A short team meeting before turning in included some time of reflection, some much needed humor, gratitude for the absolute greatness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and prayer for the team who will be performing surgery in the morning to help the young girl with six digits on her hand who came to the clinic yesterday. Tomorrow marks the first day of her life that she will feel normal! An interesting development with this girl occurred today when she returned with her siblings and her mother. All of the children have an extra digit on each hand and the mother has an extra digit on one hand. So the plan for tomorrow has been revised to include the rest of the family! Lives transformed! That’s exactly what God’s love is all about. Maybe we need to start praying that the lights go out in Bondeni everyday!

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