Managing Change, Developing Future Leaders

Today was the last full day of training with the Business Development Services Team (BDS) and Accounting Team. The group of young professionals participated  in a day long session, learning ways to think differently about the many changes going on around them.

Specifically the training provided them with a number of tools that will help them to manage their own individual journeys through change, help them to lead others through change, and effectively communicate the how’s and whys behind the chnage.

The BDS team works with the poorest of the poor in Kenya, helping them to start  up new businesses in the Mathary Valley that in many ways is helping to lift those that receive Micro-finance loans, to achieve a better life.

The team does a lot more than just provide loans to their clients.  They are the main point of contact for all 1,800 clients that have taken loans from BDS. They help teach basic business principals,  help lead small group (accountability) meetings for their clients, and provide direction to the groups when needed.  Most importantly they provide spiritual leadership based on Biblical principals.

The Accounting Team provides financial services to all of the Missions of Hope teams.  While they do not typically work in the community, they do support those that do work in the Mathary Valley.

While we are sad that our training has come to an end, we have been privileged to share our knowledge with such a hard working dedicated team of individuals. 

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