The Kingdom of God

We wrapped up our week-long medical clinic and business development training yesterday.

Our clinic saw 862 medical patients (over 500 were from the Bondeni community and close to 300 students from the school), our dental clinic serviced 70 patients pulling 60 teeth, and we performed 6 surgeries! Every patient was prayed for and the stories we have from our prayer room would move you to tears. 7 people accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior this week…they will be followed up by the pastors here this week. Praise God!

Our final day began by being serenaded by the children from lower Bondeni (photo above). Their grasp of scripture verses and the tenacity with which they sing stirs your soul.

Our final day ended at Bondeni with song, dance, and celebration of the work God is doing. There is no experience this side of heaven as powerful as seeing the hands and feet of Christ at work — both on us and the people of Bondeni and the MOHI staff.

Lynn is the clinic manager at Bondeni (our adopted area of the Mathare slum) (photo above) and she leads with love. She is a tremendous assest to TPCC and MOHI — our thoughts and prayers are with her always.

Today we are off to Joska to see the middle and high schools. We are excited to see more of the dream Wallace and Mary have come to fruition. We were able to dine with them at their home last night…what a blessing to hear their vision and hearts for the ministry. We shared our stories from the week with them and it moved them to tears.

Keep praying….we feel it!

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