Communicating with God

One thing that stuck out to me on my trip to Nicaragua was communication. The communication barrier between us and the Nicaraguans had its challenges and stretched me more than I expected.

Tuesday evening was a time of ministry with around 50 women. Before going on this trip I was looking forward to this evening since hearing we were going to do a women’s ministry evening. I was waiting in anticipation for that “Ahah” moment which everyone told me I would experience. I was hoping that night was going to be it and I was looking forward to it.

Tuesday morning I was talking with God about the direction he would like me to take after Nicaragua and what I should do with these new relationships that had been developed in the last few days. I was looking for that bright, flashy arrow of “do this” and wasn’t really seeing it. God decided to teach me a lesson on listening and communicating with him that Tuesday night with these women.

I have an extrovert personality and enjoy talking with people. It is always comforting to me when talking with someone to have them speak back and add to the conversation. I talk and the other person responses–a pretty standard conversation. Talking with these women that night was not that simple. A smile and hug was sometimes the only communication you have, and they were thrilled by it. This put me out of my comfort zone more than I imagined. This reminded me of my communication with God. I was waiting for a verbal response and all I was getting were loving eyes and a passionate heart from these women.

In the same way I feel frustrated when talking to God sometimes. He continues to show me that he is directing my life even if I don’t get that verbal response.

That evening I realized although very different, we were all sisters in Christ. We all are waiting for God’s guidance and direction and it doesn’t always come to us with a big, bright flashy arrow. He is always listening and speaks in his time through his creation, others, and his word.

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