Zambia Day 5

Happy Birthday Isaac!!

Today was Isaac Sakala’s 17th birthday. The Zambian culture celebrates their birthdays by sneaking up on them at some point of the day and pour water over them. While Isaac was carrying the cinder blocks to the wall, his mother and others surprised him with a good dousing of water. There was great laughter and smiles from all who were watching, especially from Isaac himself!

It was a big work day with the wall now well under construction and Bryce in his element designing and welding a gate for the property. It was a great day watching not only the teamwork but the discipleship happening during their work. Gary was able to have a long discussion with young Edwin whose family. persecutes him for following Jesus. Gary was able to encourage him to be strong in the Lord and not give up. The young men were also being taught how to do masonry and welding. Hopefully this will help them to have a marketable skill.

We have attracted a large group of children who love the interaction with us “mazungus”. Denise had quite the group teaching them the “Cupid Shuffle”, and Gary chasing them up and down the dirt road. They absolutely to have a “photo” taken of themselves and of course want to see it right away with squeals of delight.

In the afternoon we had a great group of women come to study and discuss how we can all grow in our faith. Tina took a pot with dirt and a seed and had two ladies talk about why the seed had not grown after a period of time. They realized it had not be fertilized or watered, and how this is true with our spiritual lives and the need for growth in the areas of Bible Study, Prayer, Witnessing, and Fellowship. We then talked about taking care of the bodies God has given us by healthy eating and excercise. There was much laughter as we ended with Brenda teaching them some excercises they could do, including lifting babies as their weights. The grand finale was Denise having all the women line up and taught them “The Cupid Shuffle”. What a great time they had, and were excited to come back tomorrow and do it again!

We can see the fruit of the return trips as relationships are definitely growing stronger each day with even cultural barriers being torn down. Great example of being One in Christ. A very special relationship has been formed between Tina and Jay as they have gotten to know their sweet little girl they sponsor at Grace Christian School. Sarah is her name and she smiles everytime she see’s them. Sarah has shown us how she has a servant heart as she stands next to the water stand at lunch to hold all the childrens plates and cups while they wash their hands. Her teacher told us she has taken this upon herself to do each day and was never asked to do this. What a special girl!

Our diets have changed a bit with new items offered such as catepillars and fish heads! Gary and Denise were the brave ones chomping on the catepillars and Jay joined them with the fish. All were enjoying the fish until Gary down on slurped down an eyeball! Then we all had a good laugh at his reaction. Pretty sure God got a good chuckle from this too.

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