Zambia March 2013 Days 1-4

Friday March 8, 2013

Our team of six; Jay & Tina Schaumberg, Bryce Eaton, Denise Strueh, and Brenda  & Gary Hessel, left Indianapolis starting the long journey back to Zambia to work along side Pastor Patson Sakala in his ministry Grace Christian School and Christian Hope Ministry.  After traveling through Amsterdam, then Zimbabwe we finally arrived in Lukasa Zambia about 26 hours later with all luggage in tow!  Our transportation was not at the airport because there bus had broken down, however the driver came in his own  SUV.  We were very grateful hea had a luggage rack to accommodate all the bags and then squeeze all 6 of us.   The time at the airport waiting was well spent as we met a family who are missionaries here in Zambia and are from Bloomington!  The gentleman approached Gary because he was wearing an IU sweatshirt (of course).  After talking with them, we also found out he knows Brenda’s boss and has preached in his church.  Small world in God’s family!   After arriving at the Muzala Lodge after 1:00 AM we went  right to bed and crashed.

Sunday March 10, 2013

After a short night of sleep, we were very excited to head into the compound of  Ng’ombe and meet up with Patson and his wife Patricia to attend worship with the members of Christian Hope Church.  This is always a highlight of the trip.  A service filled with passion and excitement.  “God is good, all the time God is good”  is repeated throughout the service.  This can be very humbling for us coming from America.  The service is held in a room approximately 18×20 cement room , no air conditiong, and no running water.    We were all asked to stand and introduce ourselves and give a greeting.  Jay preached a great message on fear.  We were treated to songs performed by the women of the church and then the precious children.  The service ended with a special treat for us.   We were asked to come to the front where we were given gifts as a token of their appreciation for us coming to serve them.  The ladies gave us a traditional Africa skirt with the Zambia flag and the men were given Zambian soccer (futbol) shirts.  What a great blessing they are to us!

We ended the day by enjoying a little bartering at the local merchandise market where we bought some African souveniers.

Monday March 11, 2013

The first day of work started with a 30 minute walk through the compound where we are greeted by throngs of children yelling “mazungus”  (white people)  The job accomplished today was crude cement mixed by hand and poured the footers  for the 8 foot wall to be built around the school and church property for safety.  Bryce made measurements and drawings to construct and weld a gate for the wall.   A lot of hard work was given by our team  along with some of Patson’s sons and men from the community.

The women of the community were invited to come and participate in a women’s Bible Study with Tina, Brenda and Denise.  Approximately 28 women came and were very engaged as we shared lessons on the attributes of  God and what Good Health means spiritually, physically and relationally. They became comfortable with the format of small group discussion and then sharing in the larger group.   We are excited to continue tomorrow and see their warm smiling faces again!

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