Zambia Fitness Class Day 6

Tina led the women’s class today discussing how we can overcome temptation by using the Word of God and following His plan for escape. The women broke up into small groups and then shared to the whole group when finished. This is a new format for them and they loved it. We also discussed the truth about Malaria and how it is transmitted vs. Common beliefs. Brenda shared with the ladies how to prevent gum disease and tooth decay, and a hands on demonstration of proper tooth brushing and why it’s necessary to keep our teeth for a life time. They seemed to enjoy receiving a new toothbrush and the instruction and were surprised that they shouldn’t be brushing with salt.

Our new friends in Zambia are having a wonderful time laughing and enjoing our teaching them new exercises and line dancing after our Bible study time. Denise has found her calling as a fitness instructor as well as mason, and the children’s favorite playmate. It is so much fun to laugh together and talk about issues women worldwide face. Even though our cultures are very different, God created us all in His image and at the core we are the same. We all enjoy fellowshipping together discussing our children and the hardships we may face as we raise them. Discussing marriage and how it can be hard at times. We even share the same concern about how hard it is to keep ourselves at a healthy weight…….Imagine that! We ended today with a group photo which they love. Tomorrow have something very special planned for them so we are looking forward to seeing them on our last day.

The wall continues to rise and is awesome to watch all that are coming together to help build it. Bryce is armored up with his welding helmet, gloves, and jacket in the blazing sun, welding the new gate, Jay is his faithful assistant. Gary has taken the responsibility of putting the smooth finish on the mortar, in between hauling cinder blocks to the wall. It’s beyond words to describe the commotion going on all around as 100+ children are going in and out of the school, local women coming to draw water out of the new clean water well that the Lord provided, men hauling mortar in wheel barrows, Bryce welding a large gate, women cooking and toddlers roaming all around in the space of approximately ¼ acre!

Dinner and a nice shower is on the evening agenda and much anticpated for sure.

3 responses to “Zambia Fitness Class Day 6

  • Martha Eaton

    I smile each day as I read at how all of you are making such a difference in Zambia through your calling. God bless you all, and continued prayers as you do God’s work. To Bryce: I see that this is an opportunity to try the fish with the eyes intact 🙂 We love and miss you son! To all: Be safe in your travels and may the grace and the power of the Holy Spirit shine through.

  • kym stanley

    Amazing Work you all did!

  • Brian Melvin

    The wall looks awesome! Looks so different than that first Sunday we saw it a couple of years ago!

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