Zambia Day 7 “The Last Day in NG’ombe”

Day 7 Zambia Thursday March 14, 2013
The Last Day in Ng’ombe

What an eventful day we had today in Ng’ombe! God’s power was felt by all. The welcome we receive when we arrive is heartwarming and humbling all at the same time. The children crowd all around just to be touched by us, fighting over who gets to hold each of our hands. Patricia told us that they feel very special when touched by a “mazungos” ( white people) We are the ones who feel so special being loved by them. Denise and Brenda enjoyed serving the kids nshima ( corn mush) beans and cabbage. 60 of the 100 children are being sponsored which means they get a meal 4 days a week at the school.

Jay has felt affirmation that the team exemplifies the Lord’s teaching on many memebers but all one body. A great observation is that we are just one part of the team God has put together to minister with Pastor Patson and the Christian Hope Ministries. Another example of One Body in Christ.

Bryce finished all of the gate but when it was to be hung, the welding macine kept shorting out. Frustration led to a special time of fellowship and discipleship with the young men hanging around that Bryce truly enjoyed. God then orchestrated a new relationship with several young men who came and used a very crude but efficient welding machine. It consisted of car batteries, wire attached to a pair of pliers! Unfortuantely Sam was only using regular sunglasses while welding which could lead to early blindness. Bryce blessed him by leaving him his welding helme, jacket, and gloves. Frustration led to blessing remindg us that God’s ways are not our ways.

Jay, Tina and Patson were able to visit another school to glean some information on how their process could help Patson’s school grow and be efficient. Peter was very encouraging to Patson and again a new relationship.

The women’s group finished strong with lessons on Jesus being the “I Am”
I am the Bread of Life
I am the Gate
I am the living water
I am the true vine
I am the Way, Truth, and Life
The Gospel was shared aong many “Amens”!
We then led the women into the Biblical Truth how the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve. Tina read John 13:1-5, 12-17 depicting Jesus washing the disciples feet. We then proceeded to wash the feet of each woman, put lotion on their feet and told them that Jesus loved them by name. Very powerful moments for the women as well as Tina, Brenda and Denise.

Walls being built, and walls being torn down as relationships are being built. One of the greates t accomplishments has been to watch the discipleship going on not only with the women but especially with the men. Gary has developed a very special relationship with Edward who is 19 years old and has spent many hours working alongside him and growing his faith.

God is at work in the village of Ng’ombe and it has been a blessing to be a very small part of it!

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