Zambia Day 8 “Are we there yet?”

Day 8  Zambia  March 15, 2013

Are We there yet??

We rose early to catch our “bus” to Livingstone to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World; Victoria Falls.  We were a little surprised to see our bus was really a VW type bus.  9 people, all our luggage and backpacks made a very tight squeeze to say the least.  The trip normally takes 5-6 hours but this one was 7 ½!   There are even speed bumps on the highway which of course we had to stop and crawl over.   The Zambian landscape was beautiful to look at and so interesting to see the rural villages with their thatched roof huts out in the middle of nowhere.  We were amazed to watch children walking miles to the nearest school.

Even though the ride was long, God more than made up for our discomfort by allowing us to enjoy the powerful  Victoria Falls!  The majesty and power was breath taking.  Gary, Bryce and Denise braved walking across the bridge over the river in the upside down rain mist from the falls, which drenched them thoroughly.  Even “Flat Chuck” had his picture taken by the falls.

The evening was completed by pizza for dinner and fellowship with Patson & Patricia.  We were blessed to hear him speak about his meeting With Aaron Brockett in 2005 and how thankful he is how the Lord has orchestrated our partnership.  Patson is so encouraged that God has shown him how God himself will connect him with other followers of Christ. Patson feels so humbled by how God has blessed him by bringing the teams from Traders Point to work with him.  Patson reminded us how the Holy Spirit led him to the internet cafe to send email to Aaron, but struggled with it was the right time to do this.  The Spirit continued to put the urgency on his heart.  He was surprised to receive immediate response from Aaron, but knew this was confirmation from God.  This was the same Sunday Aaron was to preach from

James on the command to take care of the widows and orphans.   Patson concluded with the challenge to always trust God, and he would like to write a book as testimony to God’s Faithfulness.   They are very tired because after we left yesterday, many people came to see the new wall and gate and ask how all this had happened and he was able to share God’s love and blessing……. Amen! Alleluia! Amen!

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