Back Home Again

Back in the USA ……..well almost…… Home Sweet Home
We began our journey home on Monday at 1:00 pm headed to Johannesburg. After approximately 3 hours we boarded our plane for the long 17 hour flight to Atlanta, and then home to Indy by 9:00 am. However, some strong headwinds and bad weather in Atlanta forced us to land in San Juan to refuel. Sounds like a good plan, but that means probably a missed connection. It seems our mission will continue a little longer than expected. We continue to be grateful for God’s hand of protection and praise Him through even these minor inconveniences.

Reflecting back over our week in Zambia, particularly spending time with Pastor Patson, there were many lessons learned as we experienced the hand of God working among his people both in Zambia and Traders Point Christian Church in Indianapolis.
Patson is a man of incredible faith and prayer, and being able see how God was answering those prayers was the most incredible blessing. Just a few examples:

In October during the drought, Patson and Patricia had get up at midnight and search for water throughout the compound and walk several miles to find any amount of water they could. They now have fresh running water from the well God provided right on their property! There can be no life without water and watching that clear water run is the perfect illustration of The Lord as our living water,

There are 113+ children able to attend the small school Patson started by the Lord’s leading. These children would not have the opportunity to go to school if not for Patson. They now have hope of finding a life sustaining job through getting an education and over half of them now have sponsors which means they receive a hot meal 4 days a week.

Imprinted in my mind and heart are some parting words Patson left us with. “By loving people, we are loving God”! That is what our mission is all about. Not only do we truly love these brothers and sisters in Ng’ombe, but we feel very much loved by them also and that ‘s why saying goodbye is harder each time.
Until we meet again…………..

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