Nicaragua Equipping Team – Thursday and Friday

As you all could tell from the last post, the internet, my iPad and WordPress were not getting along!  I apologize for all the typos.

Thursday was a bit of an abnormal day – lots of quiet time on the porch, which we all enjoyed, then lunch with our college students. What an amazing group of kids!  Despite hardships we cannot even imagine, they are so focused on completing their studies and becoming adults who can contribute to the future of their country.  They truly inspire me.

Thursday night was very emotional.  It was our final night of teaching at Wilber’s church, and we had about 50 people.  Barb, Theresa, Kim (me), and Rod all spoke on the presence of God, and how to keep that presence alive through our daily walk.  When we finished, Meritza and several children performed “The Missionary Song” for us – lots of tears!  They followed that with certificates of appreciation to each of us.  Again, an amazing group who show us so much love every time we are there.  It was incredibly hard to say goodbye but for most of us, it was only an “hasta luego” – until we meet again.

Friday was our “free” day, but turned out to be very busy. We left the Quinta headed for Leon. Cecil took us to a church there, where we did more food distribution and prayer, then into Leon for lunch.  After lunch, it was out to Ponteloya for more food distribution, and a quick stop to see the beach.  2 hours later, we were back at the Quinta and packing for our very early flight on Saturday.

I praise God for the amount of food distribution we were able to provide,  the welcoming spirit of all the Nicaraguans we met and talked with, Ginny and Cecil and their leadership in this ministry, as well as all the blessings that came each day to each of us.  As always, I come home completely refreshed, and ready to plan my next visit.

Thanks to all who prayed for our journey and our work.

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