Ignite in Nicaragua 2013

God has blessed us in so many ways this week. For many, this is the first opportunity to go on a short term mission trip. We wanted to do as much as absolutely possible to serve the Lord and help the community. The day we got here, we did some basic orientation and learned about the culture of the people we’d be working with. On the second day, we started the construction on a new house for a young woman, Lilliam, and her son Samuel. We spent some time getting to know Lilliam, whose husband passed away eight months ago, as well as Pastor Wilbur from Tabernacula Agua Viva. On day three, we continued construction and went to church in the evening, where we did some singing and Kaitland gave her testimony. Our three days of digging, making rebar, and mixing concrete have resulted in a foundation for a house for Lilliam and Samuel. We are so glad that God has given us the opportunity to serve Him and the wonderful people in Nicaragua.

Throughout this week we have been talking about what it means to be clothed in Christ and discussing what biblical justice is. The concept of biblical justice is something that we all have been really struggling to wrap our minds around. What is justice when you sense the desperation of parents just wanting to feed their children? What is justice when you go to talk to a woman about Jesus and her eyes bear the sadness of someone who thinks they have no song? But when we see the construction process of Lilliam’s new home and that her prayers have been answered- I know that is justice. To see God’s physical manifestation of his grace, love, and justice-how glorious that is! The people here-this culture of poverty- that have fewer possessions than I do, have shown us what it really means to be clothed in Christ

Yasmine and Geniva

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