God Never Drops Our Call

Happy Father’s Day from Jamaica!!

This morning started off with a wonderful breakfast from Pinto and Eli, followed by an even more wonderful Jamaican church service.  Passion.  Holy Spirit.  Amazing.  Yes, utterly amazing.  It was the longest service any of us had ever attended – three hours – yet, most of us wouldn’t mind if we were still there now.  The pastor of this church sang, danced, preached, praised, lifted up, and led us in a truly moving service.  At the close of our evening tonight, most of our group mentioned that the worship service was their “rose” of the day.  If you couldn’t tell, I could go on and on about this, but I will pause to tell you a bit about the rest of our day…

We came back to the mission house for a quick bite of lunch – please tell our kids we had PB & Js, I know they will be stoked!  We then went to the Pringle Children’s Home – a home impoverished children and family situations.  The weather didn’t cooperate with us to play outside with the kids, so we colored, played games and danced with the kids inside.  A few of the ladies and even a couple of the men got Jamaican hair-dos and manicures.  I was especially touched by a little 7-year-old named Alicia who latched on to me.  As we were leaving, she gave me a hug and asked me to take her with me.  I would have in a heart-beat, but I am sure that’s against a law somewhere along the way.  I must say, leaving her at Pringle was my thorn for the day.

We got together for our team meeting tonight to talk about our team plans for the week.  We’ll be working on the farm right behind the mission house, which will be exciting!  Our team is excited to see how we will be helping this community, but we are starting to realize that we will be the ones helped!




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