Nicaragua Blog Day 2

We started our morning bright and early with a wonderful breakfast cooked by Yolanda and Juanita (the AMAZING cooks at La Quinta Primavera).  We never go hungry here at La Quinta, that’s for sure.  Fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, and fresh juice daily…muy delicioso!  La Quinta is a beautiful environment and we are very blessed to have a relationship with this place.

After our morning Devotionals led by Ginny, we were prepped and ready to serve the poor and the oppressed.  We were ready to bring biblical justice to the people of Nicaragua.  We headed out to the town of Los Brasiles to serve at the Josue 1:8 school (Joshua 1:8).  When we arrived we were greeted with bunches of little chicos and chicas just thrilled to see us.  Their laughter and smiles are infectious.
We split into two groups, one to meet the teachers and one to set up for “Rotation Stations.”  Once the stations were set up, the children with special needs came and it was fantastic.  I don’t think any of us stopped smiling for the next two hours.  We had children doing the parachute, kids dressing up with silly costumes, kids coloring and more.
We broke up into small groups and distributed food to some of the families throughout the afternoon.  We were welcomed into their neighborhoods and homes…the most humbling experience yet.  It is difficult to put into words the circumstances these people live in everyday until you witness it for yourself.  Their homes are made up of pieces of sheet metal, tin, cardboard, etc.  However, they were proud to welcome us into their homes and to have us pray for them.  Their gratitude was tangible.  It’s one experience that we will never forget.
Nicaragua has been one fun trip so far.  We are blessed to have a great team who only wants to serve The Lord as well as fabulous translators and staff.

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