Thank The Lord for a new day!

Today we spent the day in Bondeni. We worked at the schools with the teachers in the morning. We took them different tubs of teaching materials and gave them ideas of how to teach with them in the classroom. They were very knowledgable. Our topics included anything from energy to insects and farm animals. Great conversations were had over the materials and about life in Africa and the U.S.
In the afternoon we had the opportunity to walk down to lower Bondeni and visit the students. It brought great joy to our hearts to see how God is working in the children’s lives by all the enthusiasm they showed us by their beautiful smiles and joyful voices.

After we finished up we went to dinner at Java House. We enjoyed delicious American food and reflection with our team. We also had a great experience listening to our driver share his testimony. He is a great man of God and wonderful driver in the busy streets of Nairobi. We are very blessed to spend time with him. We had an amazing day but are very tired. Looking forward to what God has in store for us tomorrow! God is good all the time.

One response to “Thank The Lord for a new day!

  • Jonathan

    Hope you all get a good nights rest and keep doing the Lord’s work. We are all Proud of you and looking forward to all the stories you are going to come back with.

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