The Palapa

Palapa, def.: The place where we gather for worship and testimony within the Back2Back campus.

Our time in Monterrey has been busy, rewarding, and inspirational. We are overcome with how amazing and welcoming everyone has been. During our first few days we have spent time at one of the children’s homes (casa hogar) completing service projects and getting to know the very special children that live there. We have been busy working on a bathroom addition to an existing building at the children’s home. We have been adding sidewalks, pouring concrete, sealing walls, installing tile and much more. Although this work is labor intensive, the reward is great. Our team has been so cohesive and willing to jump in wherever they are needed. I am amazed at the bonds that have formed in such a short time.

These children we have gotten to know during this short time have touched our hearts. They display God’s glory in such small ways. From a quiet boy named David who lights up the room with his bright smile after completing a puzzle, to a young girl named Louisa who loves coloring and has shared her desire to teach and help people, to some young boys running down the soccer field with the kids from our team; we have been touched by their hope and 

compassion. The tangible and intangible power of God’s love is all around us.

Tonight at the end of our time of worship, we had the privilege of hearing from students who have graduated high school and even college! as a result of Back2Back’s Hope Education Program. We heard amazing testimonies from young adults who used to live in children’s homes and are now passionate about serving orphans. In fact, ten of them are planning to travel to Haiti in January to serve. They are currently raising money for their trip… And one of the ways they are doing this is by selling bracelets they made. So you better believe we all got our cash out and did some shopping!

We are so thankful for the Back2Back Ministry for building this mission on the foundation of the true Word of God and for having allowed us to become a part of the story that God is writing here. Please join us in praying as we continue the privilege of being the hands and feet of our Savior in the world of these incredible youngsters.

Stay tuned for more to come!

Stephanie, Nicole & Michelle




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