“Tembea Na Yesu” (Walk with Jesus)

God used us in a mighty way to experience the joy and happiness in one of the homes we visited today. Mary, grandmother and caretaker of her two grandsons, was very welcoming to us. When we entered she immediately began singing Tembea Na Yesu (Swahili for Walk with Jesus)and dancing with Sara, one of the three Social Workers. After confiding in us her concerns for her grandsons and her deteriorating health, Phyllis, one of our team members, laid hands on Mary and prayed for God to heal her many medical problems.
As we left her home she was joyfully singing and we all were smiling. This lady continues to walk with Jesus and trust Him!


Mary, left, seen here with one of her grandsons, gives thanks to God at the conclusion of our visit. Simon, right, as a client of MoHI’s BDS, started a private primary school in Mathare Valley sits in the principal’s office.


Agnes, wearing one of her own tailored creations, stands smiling inside her doorway as we say goodbye.

In another home visit we met Agnes, a client of BDS (Business Development Services). Her gift for making jewelry and tailored items was obvious as she showed her creations to us. Agnes cannot find a suitable space to sell her itemss and is trying to sell from her home. Located in the center of a hundred tin-roofed structures, down a very narrow walkway, sales prospects appear very low. But she stays positive in God’s power and graciously welcomed us in with smile.

In the morning we observed four additional Micro Finance clients’ meetings, with Abraham, MoHI Loan Officer. We also visited another business owner, Simon (Principal & Teacher) who operates a private school, nursery through 5th grade, with 170 students. He had praises to God and MoHI’s Business Development Services along with Micro Finance for aiding him in continuing to add a new grade every year. His goal is to be up to 8th grade by 2015. After meeting Simon, and with God’s help, we have no doubt he will succeed.

Please keep Missions of Hope International in your prayers for the work they are doing to help the people of the Mathare Valley become independent and provide for themselves and their family.

One response to ““Tembea Na Yesu” (Walk with Jesus)

  • sheriel

    Praying that the joy of the Lord will continue to be your strength. There is joyful singing and smiling for “All” that call upon Him. Praise God for His amazing love and provision for our brothers and sisters in the Mathare Valley!


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