The Cadereyta

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Cadereyta, def: A squatter’s village located on government property.

Today we visited Cadereyta and assisted a neighborhood church with an expansion project.  With our now extensive knowledge of concrete work, we assisted with the beginning stages of a 3rd story addition that would house the church’s pastor and his family.  We had crews shoveling rocks and sand into buckets, workers setup on scaffolding  transporting the buckets up the roof and a dedicated group of cleaners.  We were also blessed to spend time  with these sweet, sweet children and watch new friendships form.  We are continually overwhelmed with the kindness of each person we have come into contact with at these projects and willingness of each person to jump in lend a hand.
After we completed our work we walked the neighborhood to invite the community into the church for lunch.  In the midst of shacks, trash and sewage, we saw children filled with joy and hope and the presence of God in their community.  We spent the afternoon swimming and playing with the kids from Cadereyta at the pool at Back2Back.  The smiles on their faces are impossible to describe on a blog, but trust us when we say they light up the world.  We had a delicious dinner from Pollo Loco and are pretty sure Don and Eric each ate an entire chicken.
Each day I am continually amazed at the dedication and cohesiveness of our team.  We are truly working surrounded by the presence of God each day. We are truly  honored to be surrounded by such a great group of young people who have been the hands and feet of Jesus during this trip.  During our debriefing time this evening, we watched a group of people we barely know 4 days ago, humbly open their hearts and share the ways God is changing them.  We cannot wait to see what God has in store for us tomorrow.

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