Nicaragua Special Needs Mission Trip Day 4

The Park: This morning we joined the children with special needs from Joshua 1:8 at the park in Managua. They enjoyed the time spent on park equipment, playing four square, and the competitive basketball games. What made the day most special is that their new buddies (from the Best Buddies program), joined them for the morning! What a blessing to see this new program already put into action!

Teacher Appreciation Lunch: Today we had an amazing afternoon spending time with the teachers of Los Brasiles School. We celebrated them and gave thanks for all the have done for their students and for us. They are extremely devoted to their jobs. God has truly blessed this community with these amazing teachers. We ate cake, played ‘get to know you’ games, and presented gifts to them. It was also a true blessing to pray for these teachers and pray scripture over them. The scripture we prayed over them was from Matthew 18:5 “As you welcome these children in my name you welcome me”. These teachers truly welcome these special needs children in the name of the Lord. What a blessing they are.

Sponsor Lunches: It was a great experience, not just for me but for my two sponsor boys (both named Moises) and one of their moms. All three couldn’t thank me enough. They kept asking when I would come back before we even left. The youngest, who is three, had been asking his mother if she would ever take him to Tip-Top, but he was unable to go. Once we pulled up to the restaurant, his mom said he was super excited! The oldest is seventeen and he is taking an English class. He told me it was his favorite and that he is doing the best in it so far. He has passed all of his exams. I told him how proud I was of him and he said, “Thank you” in English. Both of the boys have made such an impact on my trip and my life. I’m looking forward to seeing them again. — Kinzie
Though I don’t have an sponsor children (yet…), I had the chance to take a couple of kids out to lunch that are sponsored by my family friends. They were very quiet but also extremely grateful for the lunch we had together. The younger kids opened up when they saw the playground and had ice cream. They thanked me continuously and I felt so blessed to spend the time with them. They asked me and their sponsors to pray that they had enough food to eat. This humbled me as I continue to realize how fortunate we are that we always have more than enough. I hope that I will get to visit again, and hopefully have a sponsor kid of my own. -Lindsey

Church: Tabernaculo Agua Viva Tonight, we went to visit Wilber and his church. This is the sister church to TPCC. They welcomed us with open arms and took us to our seats in the front. They were honored for us to be there. We sang songs in Spanish and worshiped our God together. Our group sang songs in Spanish that we had learned throughout the week in front of the congregation. Pastor Wilber preached over Philippians 4:1. The message was about how we want to be missionaries but we aren’t always willing to listen to God and go. He said there are three things you must do in order to be a missionary: go, pray, and give. You don’t always have to go to other countries to be a missionary, you can be one right where you live. After the service, we spent time taking pictures and laughing with the children. They loved being tickled and seeing their pictures. Their smiles and laughter refueled us tonight. Gracias Señor!

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