Prayers Are Answered

Remember Mary (photo, left), we met yesterday during our home visits? She is the grandmother that is taking care of her two grandsons and suffers from many illnesses including respiratory problems. Today a couple of our team members revisited her as part of “Bring The Light”. Phyllis, who had laid hands on Mary and prayed over her yesterday, asked, through an interpreter, how she was doing. Mary excitedly exclaimed, “Praise the Lord, praise the Lord, praise the Lord! Feeling much better. No pains. Good sleep. Praise the Lord I can breath easy today!” All our team could say was Praise the Lord!

Also today, we evangelized to Mary’s neighbor, Agnes (photo, right). A large rock, buried in her dirt floor entrance, only allowed us to partially open her door. Entering her pitch black home we could barley see the frail outline of a woman. The sliver of light from the open door was the only light in the home. She asked the three of us to sit on what served as her couch. Our eyes, beginning to adjust, saw this beautiful face being revealed. It reflected more years of wisdom, strength, and heartache than our whole team has experienced. Yet her eyes still sparkled as tears of happiness ran down the lines in her weathered face. Although Agnes is already a Christian she watched with joy as Hilary presented the story of Jesus with the evangelism cube. She smiled, through every tear, as she reached out and touched the pictures on the cube. After Sharon prayed for her, we prepared to leave so a worker could install the skylight. Agnes put her face in her hands and praised God for our visit, prayers, love, and for bringing light into her life, her home. 

Again, as flawed humans we thought we were giving her a blessing. But no, as God’s children we received the blessing from her.



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