ERJ: El Retiro Juvenil def: A children’s home that has been our focus on this trip.

Juvenil means exactly the way it looks in English, juvenile. Out of all the children’s homes under Back2Back’s purview The ERJ houses the most teenagers. But many of the “jovenes” have younger brothers and sisters, so the ages are diverse. In speaking with some of these teenagers, it is apparent that they stick around to watch over their younger siblings even when the opportunity to enter the Hope program is given to them. Believe us when we say this is very convicting: that given the chance to focus on themselves, they choose to stay and guard their young and vulnerable brothers and sisters.

As said, we have spent all week focused on the needs- though, especially on the children- of the ERJ. They have changed our lives, opened our hearts, and broadened our minds. Today, our final day on site, we witnessed the excitement they had for us to come. The ones we had spent time with before had even recruited new friends to come and play. Children who had been more reserved, were beaming and more open to talk. All the while, our team worked tirelessly to finish projects we had started and advanced the ones that couldn’t be completed in our short time here. We are thrilled our time with them is not complete, as they are coming here tomorrow to swim and play at the Back2Back campus. We can’t stress enough how our lives will never be the same. God is so powerful and He. Is. At. Work!

Please, please continue to pray for us to stay connected to the good works God wants to complete in us; that we would not lose focus on that work even as we return to the States. We are so grateful to be a part of this “virgin voyage” (as it were) to Back2Back Monterrey and cannot wait to come back. In Our Lord Jesus’name, Amen.


 These children have changed our lives.

These children have changed our lives.

Lots of concrete was poured

Lots of concrete was poured


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