2, 20, 14, & 4

Over 2 days, out team visted 20 individuals, brought the light into 14 homes and saw 4 committents to Jesus Christ.

2 – Over the past 2 days we have been Bringing the Light to the residents of Bondeni. It has been increadably humbling to see how people live from day to day, often with no power, no air conditioner, no running water and no sanitation.

20 – we had the privilage to share the gospel with 20 residents that we visited in Bondeni. Each person we visited left each team member with a different perspective on living in Bondeni.

14 – Our team was able to Bring The Light into 14 homes. Not only did we bring the physical light into these homes, we brought the light of God and the saving work of the cross. We also shared about heathly living and HIV / AIDS prevention.

4 – We shared yesterday (6/27) that we “Brought The Light” and saw 2 people come to Jesus Christ, we saw 2 more come to salvation today. We are so thankful that God has allowed our team to see how He is working to work expand His Kingdom.

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