Nicaragua Special Needs Mission Trip Day 5

Our day began with a devotion focused on what it means to have a rich relationship with God. We discussed being obedient and generous; the difference between happiness, contentment and joy; as well as the fact that giving to the poor is not an option – it is a command. Our team left praying that we would spend our day as obedient servants of our Father.

As we arrived for our final day at Rey Salomon, there were some heavy hearts knowing we would have to say our goodbyes to some precious kiddos and fabulous teachers. To our surprise, today was a special day at the school! The entire school was participating in a program honoring the teachers. We were able to enjoy singing, poems, and traditional Nicaraguan dances. What a fantastic treat! The entire school being at a program also gave the sponsors on our team another chance to spend time with the beautiful children they sponsor.

Lunch was another special event for our team. We treated the vocational class and their teacher to lunch. The location was a surprise to all of us…we ended up at an El Salvadorian restaurant! This was a new experience for many! The staff was very hospitable and quickly sat our group of 35. The vocational students are learning how to bake and cook in class and the cooks at the restaurant allowed them to come back to see how they made our meal. They loved it! Our meal consisted of a variety pupusas – a traditional El Salvadorian dish. It was quite delicious!

After lunch we headed back to Rey Salomon to show the teachers our appreciation. We enjoyed cake together, played games,and presented them with gifts for all they do for the kids with special needs at their school. After appreciating the teachers, many of us were able to spend more time with kids playing volleyball.

Most of us will be praying that God allows us to return to visit these amazing people again. I (Wendy) know that today ended with tears. Meeting Brianna on Wednesday, and seeing her again today, was an answered prayer for both of us. She asked me several times when I was coming back and told me that she didn’t want me to leave. I can only continue to hope that God will answer our prayers and bring us back together again.

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