Nicaragua Special Needs Mission Trip Day 6

Today’s devotion was centered on what would happen when we get home. Ginny explained how her main goal for these mission trips was not to have people say “That trip changed my life” but rather “That trip changed my lifestyle.” We talked about practical ways to change our lifestyle- little things that could make a huge impact. Our prayer is that each one of us could implement a practical lifestyle change to impact those who are struggling around the world.

Next we headed out for our last work day of the trip. On the agenda today was food distribution and painting. Nicaraguans dilute their oil-based paint with gasoline so it was a little smelly, but our team worked hard to finish painting the special needs classroom at the Joshua 1:8 school.


The Hogar de Fe orphanage is located right next to the school, so we made a quick visit there to see the children. We were reminded before this visit that this is the home of these children and we should not treat them like they are animals at a zoo for us to look at. This is emphasized by the orphanage’s name: home of faith. The word orphanage is not a very nice word in Nicaragua, so they instead use the word ‘hogar’ which means ‘home’. The way the children played and shared mangos made it feel this way.

Susan, Hali, Francois, and Wendy were able to accompany our NRN missionary, Ginny, to deliver a bed to a Joshua 1:8 family. What an awesome experience! The family was appreciative of the bed for their kids to sleep on. It was humbling to be welcomed into their home, love on their kids, and assemble a much needed bed. The four of us will certainly never forget this precious family.

IMG_1959 copy

After running into a small wedding procession, we made our way home. As a surprise, we printed photos of our group and gave them as gifts to our facilitators and translators. Along with the photos, we signed cards for them. The last bit of the night was spent at the local ice cream shop called Pops expressing our gratitude to these instrumental members of our group. As we prepare for our departure in two days, we begin to reflect on all God has taught us this week and all the ways He has blessed us.

One response to “Nicaragua Special Needs Mission Trip Day 6

  • Cindy Martin

    Sounds like a great trip! It’s so encouraging to see how God is using people in Nicaragua and from TPCC to show love and acceptance to people with special needs and their families. What were some of the practical lifestyle changes you shared that we could implement to those who are struggling?

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