Nicaragua Sports Missions Trip 2013

July 13, 2013- We began the day as a family, growing deeper in the word. Our team was led through a devotional centered around Matthew 14, and how Peter was led to walk on water just as Jesus did. We ended up focusing a one point in particular, “How did Peter get half way across the water and lose faith?’ Jesus brought him that far yet he continued to have doubt. This was a topic that many of us could relate to and have all had problems with before. Faith is something that we have to work at everyday, and to be able to walk out in life everyday, relying completely on faith is something that only God can make happen. After morning devotion, we enjoyed an amazing breakfast and loaded the busses with tons of sports equipment and sandwiches, ready to tackle the day! As we approached Halley’s place, we immediately got to work, setting up areas for our distinguished guests to participate in any sport imaginable! We were expecting about 40 kids and adults and boy did they show up! We greeted them with warms smiles, hi-fives and hugs and got down to the business of “jugando”! It was a busy and exhausting day filled with meeting new people both young and old, breaking down barriers and gaining the trust of our new found brothers and sisters! From beisbol to futbol, and kickball as well as baloncesto (basketball), we had a fun-filled day! We started the day not knowing what to expect, but by stepping out on faith we gained a new found knowledge and respect for our new friends. Tomorrow we tackle SWIMMING!

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