Nicaragua Sports Missions Trip…Day 2

July 14, 2013–After another amazing breakfast from the lovely ladies at La Quinta Primavera, we set off for another Sports adventure! Today we loaded the bus with food and snacks…aaaaand about 90 people! Stacked three and in some cases four to a seat, we headed out to our mission for the day! Hola Lake Nicaragua! Pastor Wilbur and his crew were in full swing! Our team provided any toy imaginable for the kids (and adults) to swim and play with! From beach balls to water guns to water balloons and footballs, we had a BLAST! The kids and adults ate well and some even when out to the lake again after we ate! You could definitely tell that the spirit was alive and well within our wonderful group. The bus ride allowed all of us, young and old to get to know each other better! English speakers were speaking Spanish, and Spanish speakers were speaking English! It was great! We all got a little closer, so close in fact, we found ourselves sleeping on each other! It was a long and tiring ride but blessed nonetheless! Our day ended with a marvelous experience. Two of Pastor Wilbur’s church family were so kind enough to share their testimony with us. Both ladies were beautiful and very well spoken, and we enjoyed hearing their wonderful and dynamic stories. This entire experience is truly humbling and the “gringos”, (as they so affectionately call us), are learning something new everyday. As were learned in our morning devotional today from James 1, our cultures may be different but our struggles, at times, can be very much the same. It is important to take those struggles and somehow turn them into a way to glorify God. Any chance we get, whether going to church or swimming in the lake we can take time are to be thankful and glorify the Lord! Until next time…Buenos noches nuestros hermanos!

One response to “Nicaragua Sports Missions Trip…Day 2

  • Kim Biggerstaff

    What an awesome day you had! Thank so much for taking the time to post on the blog – I love hearing all the stories!

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