Nicaragua Sports Missions Trip Days 3 and 4!!

It’s time for a double dose of “The Nicaragua Sports Trip Update!” The spirit is alive and well in Nicaragua!

UPDATE-July 15th, 2013: Another day of waking up in beautiful Managua to do the Lord’s work! After another great devotional from Cecil and David A, we discussed tragedy and struggle and how it has shaped our lives. We ended by talking about tragedies in our lives, and if tragedy and responses to tragedy are universal? Although somber, this was a great way to begin our adventurous day. Most of the day was dedicated to delivering food and other necessities to families chosen by Pastor Wilbur. As a team, we all agreed that this experience was life changing. Being able to go into the homes of the children and parents that we’ve fellow-shipped with for the past couple of days, brought on a whole new perspective to our mission. Most of us agreed that we did not expect to see the living conditions that were presented to us, but it was very clear that we had a purpose for being here…God has a purpose for being here. The food brought smiles and even tears to our brothers and sisters faces, and our hearts were warmed once more! It feels good to help, but it feels even greater to be helping in the name of Jesus…AMEN?

Later that day we had an even better surprise…CHILDREN’S CHURCH! The children led everything! Little Pastor Marcos was filled with the spirit! Child after child came up to the front of the church to lead a song and read scripture, and the adults and other children followed along. We were clapping, singing and dancing all in the name of Jesus! After worship, it was time for the TPCC crew to lead activities. The kids learned the “Oh Happy Day” dance and song in English, and we played a couple of INTENSE games of “Down By the Banks”! The night ended with the children drawing pictures of their families to take home as a gift!

Update-July 16, 2013: To Halley’s place we go!!! But this time with the Pastor Belcer’s kids from Tabernacle Agua Vida school! The kids were younger K-6th, but very eager to play all of the sports we had available! We had a few kids participate in the Home Run Derby! One muchacho hit 5 home runs and one muchacha hit 3 home runs! Kick ball, Soccer, and Basketball were still a big hit and lunch provided a time for rest and beautiful singing! The voices of the children were beautiful, and definitely heaven sent! We ended are day at the park with dancing, and waved Adios to our friends!

Tonight we have our last day of Children’s Church with Pastor Wilbur’s congregation and will say Goodbye to his kids for the last time! Tomorrow…Back to Halley’s Place for fun with the Pastor Belcer’s Secondary students! Until then, Hasta Manana!

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