Ocean breezes in Haiti

Received a call tonight!  It is hot in Haiti but they think not any hotter than Indiana!  Those ocean breezes are wonderful.

The team has been busy!  They traveled to Roche Plate and had a wonderful visit with Pastor Kent.  As a result of some heavy rain and flooding, the latrines at the school are unusable.  While school is not in session, they still hold church so this is an issue that will need to be addressed and we will find out more when the team returns.  The child sponsor love letters that were sent to Roche Plate children were left with the pastor.  Roche Plate is a farming area and the team was not able to go and visit the houses due to the distance.

The team made a couple of visits to the orphanage and had great fun playing with the little girls.  Lots of pictures are being taken.  They have also done some benevolence visits and had the opportunity to pray for the poorest of the poor and provide them with a little money.  This is a huge blessing to the receiver and to the team members.

Vince has been teaching and ministering through Men of Action and marriage sessions and the sessions have been well received.  He also met with the contractor to address any issues with the building.  The group has had a chance to visit with some of the microbusiness owners.  The medicine cabinet has been cleaned out and organized and another visit was made to Ernest and Leone…the newlyweds are doing well.

They have been able to deliver most of the sponsorship love letters in Caracol which is wonderful to get to go and visit the homes of these dear children.  I can’t wait to see the pictures!

The group heads for Cap Haitian tomorrow and prepare for their trip home.  Please pray for the group and their transition back to the United States.  May God be glorified through the work of these loving, godly Christians.   Team Members:  Vince Parker, Rebecca Fielding, Gary Paultre, Barb Janiki

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