Nicaragua Sports MIssions Trip 2013-Headed Home

July 18, 2013: With warm hearts, we have reached the last day of our trip. We started the day with a shopping trip to Humbes Market to get some last minute gifts for our family and friends! Several of our team members had the pleasure of meeting their sponsor kids and enjoyed a great meal at the Pizza Hut as well as a lively trip to the park! This will be the last entry to the blog and we have decided to end it with a brief comment from some of the members of the team. Thank you for following us along God’s journey!

Words could not possibly express the magnitude of growth experienced on this mission trip. I set forth on this journey as a young woman, open and willing to experience a new culture. I am leaving this trip not only as a newly cultured woman but a woman with a heart full of love, mind full of change, and a soul full of Gods’ grace. I have met some of the most amazing individuals in Nicaragua who have welcomed me as their hermana (sister) and hija (daughter). I am blessed to have experienced this side of the world and bond with other children of God! The hearts and spirits of the beautiful children I have encountered will live on in my life and help me to continue the service God has called me to.
Signing out Candace-a.k.a”first class”/”Dulce”

David A:
This trip has become one of the best experiences of my life. I failed to see what God had in store for me and cannot adequately express how the people of Nicaragua have stolen my heart. The children are full of love and when I look into their eyes I see the hope of a bright future. Nicaragua is a place in desperate need of Christ and I thank God for people like Pastor Wilbur. Please continue to pray for our partners in ministry and consider sponsoring a child through NRN, so that they will receive the education that they so desperately need. God Bless…

Rod M.
I count it a joy and a blessing to have experienced the love that our friends in Nicaragua have for our Lord Jesus. Their passion shines bright in the midst of various struggles unique to their circumstances. Even so, they praise the Lord with an outpouring of song and prayer that rivals any believer. I pray that as they endure challenges to meet their physical needs that they continue to be fed spiritually and I want to thank our Nicaraguan friends for helping me see and experience our Lord with a new heart. I will always cherish this experience and am pleased to have met new brothers and sisters in Christ.

Meredith M:
Before this trip began I had hoped and prayed that I would be able to touch the lives of the families in Nicaragua. I had also hoped that my knowledge of Spanish would help me through the week as well, but I was quickly shown up by Pastor Wilbur’s three year old son, Cristian.

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip and consider ourselves blessed to have experienced such a wonderful culture! Thank you for traveling with us and following along our journey! God Bless!
–Gayle J.

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