“They are just people…”

This is what I tell myself as I walk through the streets of Bondeni.  Our team is out to minister “bring the light” to the house we’ve been invited to.  A hole is cut in the roof of the little shanty so the sunlight can pour in.  This is used as an illustration of God’s glory and how we all need it.  Today, I feel different.  Today, I feel calm and warm inside.  Today, I feel like maybe, just maybe, I can connect with someone who lives here.  Like maybe they will see me as more than just an intruder.   The first house we are invited into belongs to a beautiful, petite lady with large, dark eyes.   Her smile is sparking as she waves us inside.  Her name is Veronica.  Her tiny house is clean and adorned with large throws.  We introduce ourselves and show her the solar flashlights we brought her.  This is a version of “bring the light”.  She seems delighted with it and is intrigued on how it works.  A solar piece is put on the roof top and is plugged into the flashlight.  The flashlight also works as a cell phone charger all in one.  She eagerly hands over the phone and plugs it in.  She settles back in and our team interpreter asks which one of us will talk with her about Jesus.  I put up my hand.  I take the small evangelism cube and smile at her as I place it in my palm.  I begin going through the story of Jesus.   I am amazed at how easy this is.  I feel the love of my Savior pour out in words. It’s a simple story.  It’s for everyone. It’s not meant to be difficult or confusing. Jesus was a simple person. He was God and man. He explained things in a way that people could understand them…Veronica’s eyes are getting glassy as the interpreter explains my words in a way that Veronica can understand them.  She has heard this story before, but she wasn’t ready to make a decision for Him then…but she is now… I reach out and grab her hand. Her skin is soft and her grip is firm. I look up and stare into her eyes. This is simply a person. This is someone who God loves very much. Her soul was longing for something that she couldn’t find. Her appointment had come. Her time was now. Our team bows our heads as Veronica confesses Jesus as Lord. This is simply a person who has found hope….


The next house belongs to a shy, guarded woman named Elizabeth. She is a single mother of six.  She watches the men cut a hole in her roof and install a clear plastic piece. She is nervous and worried about the roof collapsing. She stands with arms wrapped, shielding her face from the dirt that is coming down. I wonder how we will approach her. “She’s just a person,Tanya”, I hear God whisper. I watch as the light pours into her house and shines over her face. A smile crosses her face and her demeanor changes.  We make our way into her house and Laura shares the gospel with Elizabeth. Again, Elizabeth has heard this story many times before. She has said’ not now’ many times before. She looks down at the dirt floor and wraps her arms around her waist. She decides now is the time to give Him a chance.  Again a confession prayer is said, rejoicing is done and a small piece of the once dark roof, gently lands on my shoulder. Light has truly come to this house. To this person…


3 responses to ““They are just people…”

  • Betty Baker

    “Praise God to whom all blessings flow!” As I read your blog, this hymn kept coming to mind. We praise Him for each step of faith that is being taken by the team, and for the precious women who have also accepted the gift of God’s grace, his son, Jesus. I am hearing wonderful reports of how God is working in your lives and those who you minister too. Thank you so much for being willing to give of yourselves and allowing God to use you for HIS GLORY.

    Betty B

  • Graham

    Awesome! Praying daily for you guys…can’t wait to hear all about it!

  • Sheri El

    I am rejoicing with you for the marvelous work God is doing through the team. His name be glorified!

    May you continue to give yourselves away for God to use this week 🙂

    Sheri El

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