“…two different cultures coming together to serve God…”

Bondeni clinc

We departed for the Mathare Valley this morning ready to start seeing patients in the Bondeni clinic (well, the school that we used for a clinic). Traveling through the garbage-lined streets as we approached the valley, we came upon what initially looks like just another sheet metal building in the slum.  However, those who have been before know very well that this school is in fact much much more.  It represents HOPE in what otherwise appears as a dark place full of poverty, despair, and broken relationships.

Our group entered the building and met with the MoHI staff to quickly give out assignments and plan our clinic day.  As soon as the bell rang, we heard the roar of the school children which was music to our ears.  We were home.  Chai was consumed as is tradition, and we started seeing patients which consisted of the school children and people of the Bondeni community.


Our doctors and nurses evaluated and treated 185 medical patients, and an estimated 40 patients were seen by our physical therapist and chiropractor.  Each one of them were prayed over as well.  Infectious disease was prevalent, ranging from the common cold to cutaneous fungal infections.  Our team worked with the Kenyan MoHI nurses and staff like a well-oiled machine.  It was two different cultures coming together to serve God as one body of Christ.  The barriers of language, race, nationality, and culture were broken today.  Scared parents were comforted and reassured, disease-stricken children were cared for, the gospel was shared, and a long-distance relationship was strengthened through the power and grace of our Father.

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