Faith’s “Faith”


It’s hard to believe that our journey in Kenya is coming to an end. It’s been an incredible journey, filled with emotion that at times I wasn’t sure were even expressible. If anyone asked me to describe this trip in one word, I would tell them that it is impossible. This trip has been filled with such an emotional spectrum that summarizing it in a word as apathetic as, “good” would simply be incorrect. Thank goodness my task is not to describe to entire trip! Instead, I have chosen to write about the highlight of my trip. On the 5th day of our trip, I had the privilege of getting to observe a minor surgery. Because I am interested in the medical field as my possible occupation in the future, I was excited and honored to be able to go. We were dropped off at Pangani at the MoHi building early that morning, and began to prep for the surgery. About 10 minutes later, our first patient arrived. Her name was Faith and she had a left hand deformity. Dr. Nick and Dr. Bopp escorted her to the chair, and began to prep her. My job during the surgery was to keep her preoccupied and entertained while the doctors worked their magic. I pulled up a chair and placed my arms around her, and began thinking of questions to ask her.  As they began to give her shots to numb the affected area, she became very nervous. The fear in her eyes was sad, and she cringed and squeezed my hand with each injection. I tried the best that I knew to comfort her, and began asking her simple questions. “How old are you?” “Eleven.”Do you have any brothers or sisters?” “yes.” The one word responses were results of fear and nerves, and she replied in a sweet little innocent “yes” with more than half of the questions I asked.

About 15 minutes into the surgery, and after the shots were over, she completely warmed up. As we sat there together, I realized that I was being incredibly blessed. She was not the average 11 year old that I would meet in America, who liked Nintendo Wii and ice cream. She shared that her favorite class was science, and specifically agriculture. Once she planted a mango tree, and when I asked her if that was her favorite fruit she replied, “no, my favorite fruit is pizza”. She loved dramas, and once starred as Moses in a school play. She explained to me that Pharaoh would not let her people go, but eventually she freed the slaves. We talked about Noah’s Ark, and the story of Jonah. She was able to quote her favorite bible verse with no hesitation at all. When the end of the surgery ended, I wished that I had more time to talk with Faith. What really struck me about her was her knowledge; she was so incredibly bible and school smart. It made me realize how amazing the people and teachers through Missions of Hope are doing to educate and form the young children of Mathare Valley. God is doing amazing things here, and He is impacting lives one by one.  Faith’s faith in God radiated from her beautiful face, and she greatly impacted my life.

One response to “Faith’s “Faith”

  • Graham

    Wow! When times get tough on the road to being a medical professional….remember Faith! So proud of all you guys! Great post.

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