Josika 1

In the stark dusty Kenyan countryside, about a 2 hour jolting ride outside of Nairobi, lies an oasis of hope called Joska.  Joska in Hungarian means “God is great” and indeed God is great.

Joska is a boarding school for boys and girls grades 6 through 12 from the Mathare Valley.  The idea is to remove them from the slums and educate them without distractions.  And it seems to be working.

Kathy 1Josika 2

There are two compounds, one a boys school and one a girls school.  Each compound is self sufficient with the oldest compound (the girls) boasting fish ponds, hydroponic vegetables, farmed vegetables, pigs, chickens, a culinary school, and a clinic. The boys school, about 30 minutes from the girls and only a year old, has the beginnings of farmed vegetables, chickens, and a water bottling facility. Teachers live on the property and classes are held 6 days a week with devotions held 2 times a day.

In their 8th grade year, the children will sit for the national high school exam.  They may stay at Joska or be accepted into other private high schools based  on scholarship or sponsorship. This year is the first year that Joska will have a graduating 12th grade class.  Again, they will sit for national exams so they can hopefully get into a university. Considering the conditions that these children come from, this is amazing. Children who would previously have no hope of any education or even being able to get out of the slums, now have a fighting chance. They can be doctors, teachers, politicians, pilots, nurses, anything they want to be.  And who knows, maybe a Nobel Prize winner.  The sky is the limit for these children.  God be praised!

Kathy 2

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