“I Promise”


As he was escorted into the prayer room by one of our team members, he said: “My name is Peter and I want to be a pastor.” Yes, Peter was a man likely in his 40s who came to the clinic to be treated. While very knowledgeable about the scriptures, Peter had never asked Jesus to be Lord of his life. Romans 10:9 NIV say, “If you declare with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” While Peter had many Christian friends and had been to church on multiple occasions, there was just something holding him back. However, the last day of clinic, Peter was the final person in the prayer room and asked Jesus to be Lord of his life. Hallelujah! Upon his departure, I asked Peter if I would see him at church on Sunday for which he said “I promise”.

So, today, as we traveled to church, the team wondered if we would see any of the people who accepted Christ as Savior this week. Specifically, I wondered if I would see Peter. As we arrived, the people were singing. I began to worship with them and suddenly I saw Peter in the second row. Imagine the emotions and tears of joy that began to flow. At one point I began to question, “is that really him” and started to doubt throughout the service. Then, toward the end of service they asked if there was anyone there who had accepted Christ this past week. Peter rose and walked to the front. Yes, it was him! As he took the mic to begin to testify, he turned toward me and we exchanged a brief glance of appreciation for one and other for which I once again began to cry. At the end of the service, I walked up to Peter and he immediately said, “I promised I would be here!” Yes, in Kenya, a promise is taken very seriously and I was so happy to see my new friend.

Overall, I feel extremely blessed by God to have the privilege work with Collins (pictured above) and to be used as a vehicle to aid Peter, as well as others, to make the most important decision of their lives this week! This is why we’ve come. Praise God! Amen!

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