On-Mission in Nicaragua

God continues to build connections between TPCC and our church in Ciudad Sandino. Pastor Wilber and his church family send their greetings in The Lord.

Our team, consisting of Rod & Barb Duncan, Theresa, Mark, and Madison Thompson, Wilma Coggins, Ana Carlsgaard, Jamie Steiner, Claire Milam, Darrel Schierling, Roger (our new friend from Arkansas), and Lynette Harker bonded quickly. Only God could put this amazing team together. All are ready and willing to serve the Nicaraguan people, as well as, their own team members. We all agree that God designed us to serve and bring Jesus’ love to others.

Day 1 consisted of travel and organizing a record number of gifts sent by those who sponsor children here.

Day 2 was most memorable as we supported Tabernacula Agua Viva in Ciudad Sandino in planning and sponsoring their first family fellowship day out to the local zoo. Fellowship and outreach were the focus as we encouraged families to spend a joyful morning together outside in God’s creation. Kids and adults, alike, were in awe as they walked into the butterfly garden and laughed at the monkeys. For many, it was their first outing outside of their community. With every team that returns, the bonds of trust and fellowship become stronger. We invited all of the families back to hear Pastor Wilber’s teaching, along with worship led by our own Jamie Steiner. All were challenged by Pastor Wilber’s sermon describing what it means to be an “all in” disciple.

Day 3 – Joy can best describe our day today as we delivered all of the sponsor gifts to children at Rey Solomon School and Tabernacula Agua Viva School. Over 73 gifts were sent to brighten the day of these children. You will never know the impact that these tokens of encouragement bring. We personally let the kids know that you were keeping them in your prayers. Thank you to all who blessed these dear children. We consider you all an integral part of this team and mission.

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