Jamaica – Day 1 Saturday

We arrived in Jamaica so quickly this trip! We had an amazing direct flight and got here in no time! Lisa picked us up in a large van and we fit all our luggage and all 7 of us in the same vehicle! Seemed strange having such a small team and just the one vehicle. We ate on our way at “Ultimate Jerk Center.” It was very tasty and not too incredibly spicy for us weenies on the trip! We arrived at the mission house while it was still daylight and have already had our meeting and are just relaxing before our day tomorrow. (Which in case the internet connection is bad will consist of Church at Step Step, lunch, then Pringle Children’s Home.)
For those that know Marggy and Lisa they both say Hi


3 responses to “Jamaica – Day 1 Saturday

  • Brenda Hessel

    So glad you all got there quickly and safe! You’re missing our big snow event. 10 inches so far and still more to come. Pray that God will use you in a mighty way
    Brenda Hessel

  • Amy Nichols

    Have so much fun!!!! Can’t wait to hear how everyone is doing down there!!!

  • Gail Moffitt

    Glad you made it and am excited to see how God uses each of you this week for His Kingdom. How will you grow and how will you grow others.

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