Jamaica – Day 2 Sunday

We had a great first full day in Jamaica! We started our morning off with a delicious breakfast that included Pinto’s (our fabulous cook) famous cinnamon rolls! We then headed to Richmond New Testament Church, also known as the “Step Step Church.” The nickname comes from the 66 steps that you have to walk up to get there (one for each book of the Bible). WOW, what an amazing experience!! Two and a half hours of service went by quickly with fantastic worship and extremely passionate preaching. The authenticity of the worship here is just incredible!

After church, we returned to the mission house for lunch and then loaded up the van to go to Pringle Children’s Home. We played Bible Jeopardy with the children and they blew us away with their Bible knowledge! We then enjoyed some ice cream that we brought for them and headed outside for games. We had lots of fun playing games with a big parachute while others played soccer. The kids then taught us lots of Jamaican songs and games and we had a great time just being silly with them. It was definitely hard to leave the kids, but we were grateful for the time we got to spend interacting with and getting to know them. 

After Pringle, we returned to the mission house for yet another wonderful meal (we eat pretty well here…) and then team meetings. We are now sitting on the porch getting crafts and decorations ready for our staff party tomorrow night and enjoying time together as a team. 

DSC00611 DSC00613 DSC04778


4 responses to “Jamaica – Day 2 Sunday

  • Kim White

    So excited for you all and wish I was there. God is using you in amazing ways!!

  • Kaleena

    Yay! Sounds like a great day! So glad you got to go outside to play with kids! Sounds like they enjoyed the bible jeopardy too! And yes, that church is amazing! Have fun friends! Be a blessing!

  • Gail Moffitt

    Busy and productive Sunday. Love the jeopardy idea. Did the one boy play drums for you at Pringle? Love the pictures too.

  • Brenda Hessel

    Looks like Chelsea has made some friends! Praying you will be the hands and feet of Jesus and be blessed by his enabling.

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