Jamaica – Day 3 Monday

DSC04800 DSC04802 DSC04811 DSC04815 DSC04828Today was a rough and tough and super fun day! We started our day with a pancake breakfast and actually some pretty darn good worship at the house! And Brad sang too! Then we headed down to RAISE and the boys split to work with Cleavland digging a trench! They were super sweaty and worked really hard and got their goal met for the day. They will finish it up tomorrow. They had a great time joking with Cleavland and getting to know him. ( and saw about 15ish Fortyleggers)
The Ladies of the trip worked with Paul and some with Anthony weeding the garden. It was a ton of fun getting to know the men that work here and enjoy some laughs! Paul actually wanted us girls to sing for him while he worked. Those that know us know that the dogs were howling 🙂 . We also got to ride with Pastor Leo and Patrick to check our the progress on the community center. They are using machinery to work on the area for the large fish pond first then will work their way to clearing for the community center. But it looks great so far and is very exciting to see it all starting to come together.
I (Kaicey) was able to ride with Lisa to go see Tameka and Dimitry for a time. It was great to see them again.
We came back to the house and had just enough time to shower and then people started showing up for the Staff party! After the first few minutes of awkwardness we had a BALL. We enjoyed some amazing pumpkin soup made by pinto and staff and then they joined us at the table as well and had ice cream for dessert and then taught the Jamaicans how to make smores! we roasted over the campfire it was a hoot! Some came out perfect and others super black !:) Some enjoyed and ate several and others only a few bites because of how sweet they are. The Murphy family and friends joined us and did and amazing performance where many of us had to dance and then be laughed at! but it was so great and they really are a talented bunch of people and a people who love the Lord. Everyone went home with smiles and hopefully some good memories as well!

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