Jamaica – Day 4 Tuesday

Today was another fantastic and very tiring day in Jamaica! We spent a second day helping with the RAISE project. The girls continued helping Paul weed a large section of the farm. Although our machete skills improved greatly, we were still quite a bit slower than the Jamaicans helping us at the end of today :). As the day went on and we were getting a little tired, we started singing old hymns to pass the time. We didn’t sound all that great, but we sure got some laughs out of it! We also got to try coconut water, coconut jelly, and star apple while we were working.

While the girls were weeding, the men were digging a second trench. After digging a 200 foot long trench yesterday, they turned around to dig another in very thick mug and clay. After a bit of a frustrating morning figuring out what they were working with, they pulled through in the afternoon to get the entire trench done! It was quite impressive. Despite the tiring work, we all really enjoyed getting to spend another day with the Jamaicans that work on the RAISE project. It is awesome to have the opportunity to build relationships with them, witness their strong faith, and hopefully encouraging them in their walk with Christ. After we finished working, Aaron from Lifespeak Ministries gave us a tour of the land and helped us visualize what the RAISE project will look like in the future. It was exciting to see the progress and to stand where the community center will be that TPCC helped fund with our 2012 Christmas Eve offering. It really will be awesome when it is all done!

Tonight we had Pinto’s famous fried chicken for dinner (amazing!!) and headed out to see the potter. We stopped in Highgate on the way home to get ice cream and then headed back to the mission house. After a quick team meeting, everyone headed to bed to rest up for our next big project tomorrow!DSC04837 DSC04843 DSC04863 DSC04872 DSC04883

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