Jamaica – Days 5 and 6

Yes mother (gail) we were too tired to blog haha. we actually spent some time as a group playing a game and eating a ton of popcorn.  but we did forget that on day 4 early in the am we went to a school grades 1-6 and did a devotion for them! and I HIGHLY recommend it! It was so amazing and fun to see the school and be with the children.  They loved the puppets by the way. ( they were handmade by kyle and his sister)

So for day 5 we began our work building a house for Mary Joyce Philips. She is a 71 year old lady who looks 50! She was one of the happiest and joyous ladies we have ever met! She was also really fun to joke with. It made for 2 super fun days.  we also really enjoyed working with Patrick, Paly (Patrick), Harry, Abe, and Mr. Bogo! They were a great group of men that really love the Lord and love to help out! Plus they were a super efficient team esp when we were a team of 7 and had 2 days to build a house! Mary Joyce was so appreciative of receiving a house she made us all about cry about a million times.

In the evening of day 5 we went to the “board” church aka Faith International Spiritual Baptist and had a mini VBS which is another thing I would really recommend to teams coming down.  They kids loved every second of it and were so much fun to be with.  It was a great way to reach the community because at first there were 4 kids and then there were around 50 and the “board” church is the size of my living room! By the way Tameka came and her son Dimitry and she is doing well! It was so great to see her even when shes really quiet and hardly smiles. But that boy of hers has enough giggles for the both of them. Oh and ps Chris has a lot of buddies 😉 !

Day 6 we finished up Mary Joyce’s house and had the best time ever! We were by a preschool and all the little children were on top of the hill so we couldnt interact with them. All we could do is wiggle! and they would chant “wiggle wiggle girl” It was great! But back to the house. Mary wanted it just perfect and we did our best to make her happy. She has the best church family! We met several of them at the dedication. Her pastor and her “sisters” were the best people ever! They were all so happy for Mary Joyce and all joked around, loved God, and just had a good time. They prepared a dedication on top of ours and even brought sparkling juice to celebrate! Then she walked in her house and waved bye! ha so awesome was she!

Oh and those that know we met up with Omar and his family! It is so great to keep up with relationships. It made our day and theirs as well! That is one very sweet man!

We may not blog again so our day tom willOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC04885 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA DSC04987 DSC04997 consist of Leaving, Shopping, Tubing, Eating, and then staying in a hotel for the night until in the morning when we shall part from this beautiful country and our friends and head back to the “beauty of snow”!

5 responses to “Jamaica – Days 5 and 6

  • Kaleena

    What a beatiful house and church famy
    Welcome home!

  • Gail Moffitt

    Well written Kaicey. Such exciting times doing the Lord’s work and serving others. Chris is standing in my favorite spot in the back of the truck. I love that view. It will be 40 and rainy when you arrive home.

  • Jerry & Debby Smith

    Great Work Folks! We could not wait to read the blog and see the pictures each day! Safe Travels Back!
    PS – Kyle – Now I know how hard you can work, count on a phone call when we need assistance!

  • Kyle Vannoni

    Thanks a bunch Jerry and Debby!!! Love you both!

  • Amy Nichols

    Yay!!! So glad to hear all the updates and can’t wait to hear the rest when you return. I miss all of them!!! Safe travels back!

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