We’ve arrived!

Our mighty team of three arrived in Highgate after a day full of travel mercies! Unfortunately, a major part of our team is missing … Pam and Kerry had to bow out due to Pam being sick. We are so sad they are not with us now but are praying they will be able to join us in a few days. Please join us in those prayers, please!

After Lisa and Iris picked us up from the airport, we had wonderful jerk chicken at where else? The Ultimate Jerk Centre, of course! The CSI Guesthouse is lovely and we were warmly welcomed by Pinto, the cook, and Pearline, the housekeeper. We enjoyed catching up with Marggy and a leisurely dinner then early to bed.

More tomorrow and some pictures!

3 responses to “We’ve arrived!

  • Kaleena

    Lots of prayers! God has a plan! Can’t wait to see how it plays out this week!

  • Kristi Jackson

    Praying for you. I was thinking of our church service at the Step Step church on Father’s Day and wondering what the service was like today. Hope u had fun at the Children’s Home today.

  • kaicey everly

    yes ditto we are praying and glad you made it there safely and have had a nice time visiting/and catching up! im sure its been a blast so far! tell all hi from us!

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