Day 2 – church and the infirmary


Steps to Step Step church

Day two in sunny Jamaica started with a late breakfast filled with eggs and Pinto’s fabulous cinnamon rolls. We headed off to church at the Richmond New Testament church, otherwise known as “Step Step” for the 66 steps up to the church (one for each book of the Bible). What an incredibly dynamic service! Wow, there was amazing worship through song and Pastor Martin’s magnetic style of preaching electrified the entire small church … for three full hours! We were all blown away by the teaching and the presence of the Holy Spirit. We returned, weak-kneed, to the guesthouse for a late lunch.

We then loaded back in the van for a visit to the St Mary’s Infirmary. This is a place where folks who cannot live on their own come to dwell, be they missing limbs, suffering from a mental deficiency, or impaired from a stroke or illness. We came to simply greet them, have conversations, or read to them from the Bible. It was daunting to say the least but, oh my, how we were blessed! They may be poor in body or mind but they were incredibly rich in Spirit. We found ourselves coming to serve but only to be served ourselves. They wanted to pray for us and to bless us. It was an incredibly humbling experience.

Tomorrow will be our first day to get our hands dirty on the RAISE farm. We’ll tell you more about it and its purposes tomorrow.

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