Day 4 – more new goat pen!

We continued our work on the new goat pen today by adding many more posts! We have two full sides completed plus half of each of the remaining two sides. The process of digging the post holes, placing the posts (cut trees), and securing them by “jamming” rocks in the post hole along the sides of the post is a arm wrenching process but it is remarkable how sturdy those posts are! They have to be … the goats are tough on posts. They knock and rub against them to try and get to greenery beyond the fence. We have learned so much from our teacher and friend, Paul. He is a wealth of knowledge plus he loves The Lord!

imageWe had Pinto’s famous fried chicken for dinner then off to visit the potter, Donald, and his wife, Belva. Donald demonstrated how his molds work and how he throws free form pieces. He does mostly commissioned pieces for resorts on Jamaica plus around the Caribbean. It’s beautiful work!

We then walked around Highgate a bit and had ice cream. A great end to a productive day. We might get to stringing barbed wire tomorrow … we’ll see how far we get with the remaining posts!

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