Day 5 – barbed wire!

imageSorry yesterday’s post was not published until today … Blogger error! Today was exciting because we learned how to string barbed wire around the posts. It’s actually a delicate dance of hauling a large, heavy spool of barbed wire up and down the row of posts and hammering large staples around the wire into the posts. All the while, we have little measuring sticks (a branch cut into the right length) to use to adjust the top wire to 3 inches above the lower wire so all are a uniform distance apart. We got quite a bit finished and are really hoping we’ll be able to finish the goat pen by the end of tomorrow, our last working day on RAISE.

We stopped work a bit earlier today because we had a prayer walk planned for an area of Highgate called Aleppo. Yes, that’s like Aleppo, Syria. There were actually Syrians who emigrated to Jamaica many years ago and named the area. One of the contracted workers at CSI named Patrick led us on this walk. We simply stopped at people’s houses, introduced ourselves and asked if we could pray for them. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet the neighbors and get to know them a bit. We also stopped at Winston’s shop who is a very talented wood carver. He has beautiful bowls and statues that he carves from the roots of cedar trees. Amazing.

After a dinner of CSI’s housekeeper, Pearline’s husband’s jerk chicken, we went to a church service at Faith International Spiritual Baptist Church. The service was very lively and there was even dancing! We all participated and were stunned by the faith and joy in this church. Very humbling … we are so blessed.

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