Day 6 – an almost completed goat pen!

imageWhat a great last day … it’s hard to believe our week is almost over. The four days we worked at RAISE were so fulfilling and gratifying. Not only from the things we accomplished but from the relationships we formed with our Jamaican friends and how we learned so much from them. They have left lasting impressions on us and parts of our hearts will be left here on this beautiful island. We will miss Paul, Tony, and Cleveland, along with CSI staff Lisa, Marggy, Iris, Pinto, Pearline, Brad, Patrick, and Oney.

SO, we completed about 90% of the goat pen project and are pleased with the results! There were a few more passes of barbed wire needed on the last edge and the gate needed to be made and hung but we could easily see a pen full of happy goats and their kids. It will increase their herd by splitting up the growing herd into two groups which can reproduce more rapidly. Animal husbandry at its best!


This afternoon before dinner, we went into Highgate to visit Elisha Miller, a painter with a small shop down an alleyway. He paints amazing landscapes and portraits of Jamaican life. We enjoyed hearing his stories and seeing his wonderful pieces.

Tomorrow we will be doing a morning devotion at a school to about 200 kids from grades 1 through 8! We plan to talk about upcoming Valentine’s Day and tie it to God’s love for us and how we are to love each other. We will then head back toward Montego Bay in readiness for our flight out on Saturday. We plan to stop near Falmouth and take a raft trip down the Martha Brea river. Should be a lazy river type of trip, not level 5 rapids! Then on into “Mo Bay” for dinner and a night at a hotel. We may have some beach time on Saturday morning as our flight doesn’t leave until 3:50 pm. It will be so hard to board that plane and leave this magical island.

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